The Secret Weapon For Crushing Workplace Communication Barriers

While hype around the metaverse hasn’t gone anywhere, there’s something brewing that’s actually being practically applied in companies: AR instead of VR. Although Apple’s Vision Pro is at this point ludicrously expensive, there are far cheaper options that are already providing practical benefits. As enterprises adapt to the fluid landscape of remote and in-office work, […]

To Be Happier At Work, Invest More In Your Relationships

PM Images/Getty Images Many of us strive for a meaningful job, an impressive title, or a sizable salary at the ideal company. In doing so, we drastically undervalue the importance of relationships, even though extensive research shows that it’s people, not the perfect job, that lead to fulfillment. What’s the secret to a fulfilling career? […]

Dark Patterns: How Online Companies Strive To Keep Your Money and Data When You Try To Leave

Artem Samokhvalov/Shutterstock Have you signed up to an online service for a free trial, decided it isn’t for you, but still ended up paying for it months – or even years – later? Or tried cancelling a subscription, and found yourself giving up during the painstaking process? If so, there’s a good chance you have […]

Looking For Funding For Your Company? Why Debt Could Be a Smarter Option Than Equity

Getty Images Venture capital isn’t the only choice when it comes to financing. When used wisely, debt can be a powerful tool for growth.In his new book, All Money Is Not Created Equal: How Entrepreneurs Can Crack the Code to Getting the Right Funding for Their Startup, (Wiley, July 20, 2023), Runway Growth Capital founder […]

Why AI Is Forcing Startups To Chase a Mirage

Getty Images If you’ve ever wondered why a new company with a ton of potential would suddenly start making moves that seem awkward and desperate, there’s usually a good reason. Actually there are four good reasons. But they all boil down to one root cause, and that root cause can change as trends come and […]