Bitcoin Miners Earnings Hit Record $44M Amid Difficulty and Hashrate ATH

The Bitcoin mining community celebrated a milestone on November 12, as Bitcoin miners earnings reach an annual all-time high of over $44 million in block rewards and transaction fees. This resurgence follows a challenging period marked by a prolonged bear market and regulatory obstacles. However, a turnaround in 2023, driven by Bitcoin entrepreneurs, rising market prices, […]

5 Habits of Successful People We’re all creatures of habit: We get up at the same time, go to work, have lunch at a certain time, go home at night and do it all over again the next day. No routine is the same, but routine does provide us with a sense of accomplishment and normalcy. In fact, the […]

The Art of Timing: How To Know When To Pursue an Acquisition

Getty Images Timing can make or break a business deal, especially when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. As entrepreneurs and business owners, you often find yourself grappling with the decision of when to make that crucial move. Let’s explore three key considerations that can help you navigate the intricate art of timing in the […]

How To Stop Worrying So Much (And Manage Stress Better)

Bruce Mars via Pexels Worrying all the time is a reality for many entrepreneurs. Long hours working alone, increased pressure to succeed and the rigorous demands of running a business often result in concerns that multiply and go unchecked. Whether it’s one or two big problems that nag at you consistently throughout the day or […]

Looking For Funding For Your Company? Why Debt Could Be a Smarter Option Than Equity

Getty Images Venture capital isn’t the only choice when it comes to financing. When used wisely, debt can be a powerful tool for growth.In his new book, All Money Is Not Created Equal: How Entrepreneurs Can Crack the Code to Getting the Right Funding for Their Startup, (Wiley, July 20, 2023), Runway Growth Capital founder […]