5 Ways ChatGPT Can Improve, Not Replace, Your Writing

PM Images/Getty Images It’s been quite a year for ChatGPT, with the large language model (LLM) now taking exams, churning out content, searching the web, writing code, and more. The AI chatbot can produce its own stories, though whether they’re any good is another matter. If you’re in any way involved in the business of […]

Want To Improve Your Brain Health? Here’s Your 7-Day Kickstart Plan

Aim to eat two servings of fish per week to get your fill of brain-protecting omega-3 fatty acids. Image Credit: LauriPatterson/E+/GettyImages There’s more to keeping your brain sharp than crossword puzzles. Preserving your cognitive skills for the long term means adopting a healthy lifestyle — and it doesn’t have to be complicated (really!). “There are […]

Digital Payments: The Benefits, How To Use Them In Your Business And What To Look For In A Provider

getty When inflation and interest rates soar, businesses must look closely at their spending to protect their bottom line. In my many years of experience in accounts payable and automation, I have seen a recurring pattern: A significant untapped savings opportunity lies within most companies’ accounts payable processes. The scope of payment options has expanded […]

Setting Boundaries: How Clients And Advisors Improve Their Professional Relationship

Good communication around expectations forms the baseline for a successful relationship between … [+] getty As in many relationships, the continuity of a client / advisor relationship depends on the strength of the connection. Working with a professional advisor who provides the professional guidance and expertise that it needs to perform at a high level […]

4 Scaffolding Strategies To Improve Literacy Skills

As an educator with 30 years of experience in North Dakota’s public schools, I’ve witnessed students enter my classroom with varying degrees of readiness. In an effort to create more equitable instructional opportunities, I have started to integrate scaffolding into my regular classroom activities. According to Pauline Gibbons (2015), a scaffold is a temporary support […]