How To Read The News Like a Scientist

Illustration by Jenice Kim  In our daily reading, we encounter all kinds of claims. Depending on the news story and the week, Chinese imports, coffee, large-cap stocks, snacking, and eggs should be embraced — or they should be avoided altogether. What’s a person to do when bombarded with confusing, contradictory information? Try thinking like a […]

Why Has The Misleading Chemical Imbalance Theory of Mental Illness Persisted For So Long

Recently, one of my friends messaged frantically, asking if I had seen the big serotonin study that had been published by scientists at University College London. The study, an umbrella review critically evaluating pre-existing research, concluded that there was little support for the idea that depression was related to abnormally low levels of serotonin. As […]

What Is Naloxone? Where To Get Narcan And How To Reverse Overdoses

The overdose crisis continues to worsen in the U.S., and overdose deaths reached an all-time high in 2021. Experts say that a simple drug — naloxone — is a key tool in preventing more deaths. But not enough people know about it, have access to it or actually carry it with them. “Naloxone is a […]

Empathy Vs. Sympathy: How To Connect The Right Way

Providing comfort and building an emotional connection with someone who is struggling can be difficult. There are two main ways to approach a situation like this, either with sympathy or empathy. Having sympathy for someone means you feel sorry for them and their predicament. On the other hand, empathy involves putting yourself in their shoes […]

Water Really Can Provide Some Relief From Anxiety and Help Us See The Glass Half Full

Many Australians can feel overwhelmed at some stage of their life with feelings of tension, nervousness and fear for the worst. A staggering 3.2 million Australians have an anxiety-related condition, with the largest increases over recent years witnessed in those between the ages of 15–24 years. The growing field of nutritional psychiatry focuses on the […]