Employers that were fully in-office grew headcount by just 0.8%., the analysis found...getty

Many bosses seem convinced that remote work is hampering productivity. But companies with remote or hybrid policies appear to be hiring people at about twice the rate of employers that are fully in office, according to a new analysis.

Over the last three months, the analysis found, companies where the remote work policy is “fully flexible,” allowing full-time remote work or choice about how much workers come to the office, grew headcount by 1.9% on average, compared with companies that mandate full-time in-office work.

Those with “structured hybrid” policies—the most common arrangement, where workers come into the office between one and four days a week—grew by 1.5%, while employers that were fully in-office grew headcount by just 0.8%.

Over the last 12 months, there was a similar gap, with fully flexible companies growing headcount by 5.6%, hybrid companies growing by 4.1% and full time in-office growing by 2.6%, according to the report…..Continue reading…