Vitamin D Intake May Reduce Cancer Mortality In The Population By 15%

Vitamin stock© PA Archive The researchers said their work, published in Elsevier’s European Journal of Cancer, adds to evidence that vitamin D may have a protective effect against cancer. While the findings do not explain why this happens, the team said one possibility is that vitamin D supplements may induce anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and DNA damage repair […]

Bootstrap Your Startup to Billions

Getty Images In September, Klaviyo launched its initial public offering on the NYSE with a valuation over $9 billion. A decade earlier, founders Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen bootstrapped the startup, which is a provider of online marketing solutions. It was not until three years later that they raised $1.5 million in venture capital. By […]

Why Working With A Mortgage Broker Is Essential In Today’s Market

getty Real estate investors looking to secure debt could face significant challenges due to today’s market conditions. As I mentioned in a previous article, bank failures and rising interest rates have led to a tighter lending environment. Borrowers may need to search far and wide for the financing they need and bring more of their […]

Can Self-Employed People Get a Mortgage?

Megan Cummings, is a Swindon based self-employed nail artist and creator of Quirk Nail Studio. Many self-employed people have faced challenges in the wake of the pandemic (Photo: Superscript/supplied) People who are self-employed have faced a series of challenges in the wake of the pandemic, the most significant of which is a cost of living […]

Electric Car Revolution Threatened By High Insurance, Repair Costs

  Getty According to a report, the high cost of insuring an electric car in Britain and a lack of competent repairers will jeopardize the emerging market for EVs unless urgent action is taken. The report, from automotive risk intelligence company Thatcham Research and the British government agency Innovate U.K., said there are several significant […]