How To Forgive Someone Who Hurt You Even When It Feels Impossible

PeopleImages/Getty Images Whether your partner had an affair, your best friend betrayed you, or a family member mistreated you for years, figuring out how to forgive someone can seem like a herculean task. The most important thing to remember: Forgiving someone is by no means a necessity—especially if the offender is someone who could still pose […]

The Role of Literature In Unlocking Empathy

In school, the many benefits of reading were often preached, and the one that always stuck out to me the most was the argument that reading fiction increases empathy. It makes complete sense: reading fiction exposes you to the narrative, thoughts, feelings and experiences of someone else, real or not. One story puts you in […]

Should Your Benefits Plan Cover Weight-Loss Drugs Like Ozempic?

Getty Images While many employer plans cover the weight-loss drug Ozempic as a diabetes treatment, only 22 percent of U.S. employers cover any kind of prescription drugs for weight loss, according to a survey from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, a nonprofit membership organization that provides information for those working in the employee […]

When ElementFX Finds an Opportunity of a Good Reversal Trading System

ElementFX is a forex system that’s a kin to having expert traders giving you signals. You won’t find a more comprehensive system that can yield pips across all. It provides multiple take profit levels using formulas like Fibonacci and Trend Line S & R. All these levels can be revealed with just a click. It’s […]

Want To Quit Smoking? Here’s What The Science Says

Quitting smoking is difficult. Research shows the best way to quit is to try several interventions at the same time. Quitting cigarettes is good for your health. Simple. But how do you do it? Take up vaping? Counseling? Medication? Here are some of the best methods. Anyone who has tried to quit smoking will tell […]