7 Ways To Build Functional Fitness Without Ever Hitting The Gym

Ariela Basson/Fatherly; Getty Images, Shutterstock Functional fitness is not new, but its popularity took on new heights during the pandemic, as millions of men looked for ways to work out without the gym. Part Strongman competition, part practical movement, functional fitness workouts take everyday actions and objects and combine them into strength and cardio workouts […]

Is It better To Do Your Exercise Outdoors?

(Unsplash: Matt Gross/ABC Everyday: Luke Tribe) In the world of health research, exercise is one of the few things that pretty much everyone agrees on. Regular physical activity improves heart health, reduces your risk of cancer, keeps your bones healthy, improves mental health, and the list goes on. But does it matter where you do your […]

10,000 Steps May Not Be Sweet Spot For Most People

10,000 isn’t the magic number many people believe it to be.Credit: iStock If you’re struggling to reach 10,000 steps a day, here’s some good news: the latest science suggests fewer daily steps may be the sweet spot for many of us, depending on our age, fitness and health goals. There is nothing magical or evidence-based […]

What Happens When You Walk Every Day

Every single morning for the past 11 years, Libby DeLana has walked out her back door at 5:30 no matter the weather, how tired she may be, or even how sick. “It’s not about the miles or the number of steps,” says DeLana, author of the book Do Walk: Navigate earth, mind, and body. Step […]

How To Earn Lucrative Benefits By Selling High Quality Fitness Training Videos Firesale

Health and Fitness is an incredibly big niche that has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and there is a lot of space to improve and find a space for yourself within the industry. As we all know, the world is running at a higher pace, and people are getting very busy due to their workload, […]