The good thing about having a pet.

What Will Your Life Be Like In Three Years?

Employers Say 64 Is Too Old To Get A Job

Shutterstock When is someone too old to work and too old to hire? Employers and workers don’t agree, and that’s a problem. With so many people living well into their late 80s, 90s, even 100, many older workers need a job past 65, not just to stay engaged and healthy, but to save more for […]

Menopause Symptoms: How To Prepare For Eeffects on Your Brain

Afriandi/Moment RF/Getty Images Editor’s note: Season 8 of the podcast Chasing Life with Dr. Sanjay Gupta gets back to basics with an in-depth examination of the brain in different states. Each episode will focus on one of those states the distracted brain, the frightened brain, the nourished brain, etc. to spotlight what is going on in […]

12 Important Life Skills Dads Wish They Taught Their Kids Sooner

How to “square up” failure. How to use tools properly. How to take care of your home. When we asked a group of dads about the life skill they wish they taught their kids sooner, the answers revealed a simple truth: there’s always more to teach and, looking back, some of the things that are […]