Is the Relentless Pursuit of Efficiency Hurting Your Business? 

When I think back on my childhood in Turkey, I remember summers on the family farm, where my cousins and I would play outside for hours, inventing our own games and make-believe worlds. Our parents would only appear when it was time for dinner — poking their heads outside and calling us in from the […]

Consumers Shift From Buying Apparel, Goods To Services

Image via Getty Images Kleinhenz explains the US economy was more resilient in the first half of the year than many expected, however he adds that consumers are still spending but are under financial pressure and have been adjusting how much they buy while also shifting from goods such as apparel to services. He points […]

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Tech for Your Business

Maskot | Getty Images Technology is often thought of as the antidote to business woes. Once you get the right tech in place, the thinking goes, you’ll start doing whatever it is you do much faster, better and more efficiently. The thing about technology, though, is that new advancements hit the market daily. Just think […]

Cyber Certifications Have Failed. How to Build and Prove Cyber Skills

Despite years of security awareness training, almost half of organizations say their employees would … [+]..SHUTTERSTOCK With the rapid advancements of generative AI and evolving threat landscape, the job of cybersecurity has never been harder, and the pressure to protect organizations has never been greater. With the likelihood of a breach being a matter of […]

Why Some People Are At Higher Risk of Stress Contagion

Heathrow airport, London, 2019. Photo by Henry Nicholls/Reuters Can you recall a time when your workplace was especially busy, and no one seemed to have a chance to take a breather? Even if you were managing your own duties well, you might have found it challenging to remain calm in the face of the stress […]